The Story Behind the Book: CRUISE TO OSEL

I was lucky to be the guest of a cruise ship titled the Artania, which visited Saaremaa Island (Ösel) for one day. By chance, I had just bought a camera, and as a true amateur, shot everything I perceived as beautiful.

It was a cloudy, almost rainy day — I love such scenes as there is a certain drama in them. One of the photographs is now on the cover of the book.

While I was looking at the coast of the island from the highest deck of the ship, I suddenly thought, 'What if I was a tourist on a cruise like this?'.

And that was it. At once, the first lines of "Cruise to Ösel" were born in my head. But later, when I wrote these down, a deeper idea of this "imaginable" cruise started shaping in my head. I understood, that I am actually already on this cruise.

Although the name of the book is the same as a poem, in general, it has a spiritual meaning instead of a certain destination on the world map. 

This is a cruise through my own perception of the past, and the present with a meditation about fears and dreams, self-destruction and belief in yourself. And all it is about to arrive at the destination that we all should reach one day — the island of High Love, to which I call Ösel.

The book "Cruise to Ösel" includes short poems, thoughts, and photographs that have been created during this exciting life journey over the past few years.

“Cruise to Ösel” is my first book. I hope you enjoy it.

I wish all your dreams will come true,

Ksenia Sein

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"What a beautiful book! A wonderful collection of poetry written with so much feeling and love that lets the reader imagine such beauty and love in our world and feel inspired by it all. Each poem comes straight from the author’s heart and each is accompanied by a photograph that allows you to take on this journey with her. One of my favorites was the study of the two girls in cultural dress. I loved the imagery of this piece especially. A wonderful treasure of a book. I can’t wait to read more of Ksenia Sein’s work." - Nataša Xerri

The Story Behind the Book was first published in CRUISE TO OSEL on November 25, 2014. Written by Ksenia Sein © 2020. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author.


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