Cruise to Ösel


CRUISE TO OSEL is a cruise through my own perception of the past, and the present with a meditation about fears and dreams, self-destruction and belief in yourself. And all it is about to arrive at the destination that we all should reach one day — the island of High Love, to which I call Ösel.

The book "Cruise to Ösel" includes short poems, thoughts, and photographs that have been created during this exciting life journey over the past few years.

“Cruise to Ösel” is my first book. If you enjoyed it, please write a short review on the book’s Goodreads and Amazon page. Thank you.

"Her poetry is a reflection of the free-spirited person she is and how she gives back to the universe the same love that comes her way. I loved reading The Elixir, Fight For Your Life, Forgive Me, I wish, Who I am and High Hopes, High Love. I loved her idea of clicking pictures while being one day on the sea and forming the poetry to give us the gift of her words. It has healed my heart in a way where it needed healing the most. I would check her other books too." - Gurpreet Dhariwal 


Agape and Ares

AGAPE AND ARES is an attempt to tell the world about the importance of having a positive attitude toward other people. If only we could stop criticizing and blaming others - even if the person in question is a criminal - the world would be a better place. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we all seek acceptance, kindness, and love.

AGAPE AND ARES is a thrilling and clever romantic story.
Agape is an attractive, mysterious young woman enjoying her holiday on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini. There she meets Ares, a handsome man with a shady past and provoking manners. Will a romance spark between them? Should it?

"I could best describe the story of Agape & Ares as one that might easily be painted around the circumference of a Grecian urn in a mixture of cool Estonian and hot Mediterranean colors. And in the urn? Clear water, as evidenced by the following passage, which I underlined while reading to savor later: "...Still, you can create light grey from black By pouring patiently into the bowl of life more white...."Recommended to its discerning audience without hesitation." - Lawrence Jay Switzer

a romantic novelette in verse




TALENT is a heart-warming short story that deals with actions and their consequences using fun and easy to understand scenarios. A wonderful teaching aid for raising kind and considerate children.

The main character is a beautiful rose who is proud and mean-spirited. It becomes a real challenge for her to survive under the burning sun, blowing wind and pouring rain. As a result, she may lose her main talent — beauty.

"A valuable lesson for us all to learn from. A story that gifts a brilliant opportunity for a discussion with kids about the consequences of words and actions. Layers of life wisdom woven through each scene. Beautiful." - Amy Marley